WANCO-Portable Surveillance


Wanco Chooses Vicon’s SurveyorVFT Camera Domes for New Portable Surveillance Units

WancoWanco, Inc, a top manufacturer of highway and traffic control products, has chosen Vicon Industries Inc. to provide cameras for Wanco’s new portable surveillance units. These compact, self-contained units provide a convenient and rapidly deployable solution for temporary remote surveillance needs at construction sites, outdoor events and other locations where there is a temporary need for surveillance. Up to four Vicon SurveyorVFT 23x day/night camera domes are mounted atop a 26 foot telescoping tower attached to a portable trailer body. The tower collapses and folds to a horizontal position over the trailer body for easy towing. When deployed, the cameras on the portable units provide high-resolution surveillance video that may be monitored via wireless communication from either a central monitoring station or from any computer with internet connection and loaded with Wanco’s client software. Camera functions, including pan, tilt and zoom, can be fully controlled from the monitoring location.

SurveyorVFT camera domes were chosen by Wanco after significant product testing. Because the cameras are being used in a mobile platform, Wanco faced many unique challenges that do not exist in a typical installation. The cameras need to perform in a wide range of environmental conditions, including heat, cold, vibration and dust, as well as operate on the finite amount of power provided by the trailer’s battery. According to Silas Campbell, Sales Coordinator at Wanco, Vicon’s exceptional customer support was also a factor in its selection. “The cameras tested among the best that we looked at, and the company’s service was far and away better than the others.”Wanco

Wanco introduced the portable surveillance units in 2006, specifically geared towards the surveillance needs of utilities, construction firms, municipalities and entertainment/event site managers. Units began shipping in early 2007. Product information is available on the Wanco web site: www.wanco.com/le_portable_surv.htm.